HKEP - Athens Exam Skills - English
Unit Title
Unit 1 Getting along with others
Accepting differences in society
Getting along with strangers
Friendship and dating
Resolving conflicts
Part A: Integration of SEN students
Part B1: Celebrating for friends with friends
Part B2: Aberdeen: Pang Ho-cheung's Hong Kong family drama
Unit 2 Study and school life
School life in Hong Kong
Studying in the US
Studying despite hardship
Part A: Learning through computers
Part B1: Project learning
Part B2: Stress
Unit 3 Asian and Western cultures
What is culture?
Washoku - enjoyment of eyes and tongues
Procession of giants and dragons
Bamboo webs in Hong Kong
Part A: Visit the huge dragon in China!
Part B1: Culture shock
Part B2: Foreigner in Hong Kong
Revision 1 Part A: Cultural adjustment at home
Part B1: Let's have dim sum and drink tea
Part B2: A special police unit
Unit 4 Successful people
What is success?
Phoenix reborn
The man who has changed our world
Fighter for the right to knowledge
Part A: The Chinese dragon
Part B1: Success and how to find it
Part B2: Jack Ma
Unit 5 Entertainment
What is entertainment?
The Oscars
Dance performances
Searching on the Internet
Part A: Marvel Comics
Part B1: Paid to play
Part B2: Miyazaki and his films
Unit 6 Sport
Windsurfing course
Hiking camp
Part A: David Robert Joseph Beckham
Part B1: Yoga
Part B2: Sportsmanship
Revision 2 Part A: William So Wa-wai goes the distance
Part B1: Shining the spotlight on problems child actors face
Part B2: All work and no play negatively affects Hong Kong youth
Glossary Unit 1: Getting along with others
Unit 2: Study and school life
Unit 3: Asian and Western cultures
Unit 4: Successful people
Unit 5: Entertainment
Unit 6: Sport