HKEP - Athens Exam Skills - English
Unit Title
Unit 7 Communication
What is communication?
Our messages on social media websites
Video chats between nations made easy
Do you know…?
Part A: The future of postal services in the digital age
Part B1: Newspapers in Hong Kong
Part B2: Dress for success: how you present yorself matters
Unit 8 Being healthy
What is health?
Does the use of smartphones affect our health?
Laughter - the magic cure for life
Part A: Goldilocks rules
Part B1: Doodle the stress away
Part B2: Hong Kong students' fitness below standard
Part B2: A letter to the editor
Unit 9 Careers and prospects
Event Assistant
Application for the post of Event Assistant
Personal statement
Part A: Job hunting
Part B1: Becoming a dietician in Hong Kong
Part B2: Designing a whole new world at Disney
Revision 3 Part A: Cities of zombies
Part B1: Reduce salt and sugar intake for better health
Part B2: Tips to finding the right job
Unit 10 Individual and society
Making an impact
A speech
An act of generosity
Part A: Protecting the good Samaritan
Part B1: Facilities for the disabled
Part B1: Discrimination against the disabled
Part B2: Emma Watson's star power
Unit 11 Technology
What is 3D printing?
Artificial Intelligence
Part A: Technology without conscience
Part B1: Witness statement
Part B1: Don't let the little gadget take over your life!
Part B2: Is space exploration worth the price?
Unit 12 Nature and environment
What's happening to our planet?
Melting polar ice caps
Part A: Climate change: we all bear the brunt of it
Part B1: Command winds and weather
Part B2: Can construction and conservation co-exist?
Revision 4 Part A: The complicated life of 3D printing
Part B1: Helping other people can help you
Part B2: Air problem in China
Glossary Unit 7: Communication
Unit 8: Being healthy
Unit 9: Careers and prospects
Unit 10: Individual and society
Unit 11: Technology
Unit 12: Nature and environment